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Fast ice in the Antarctic peninsula

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  blue sky  fast ice  ice  sea ice 


Tourists watching an emperor penguin

Animal  Aptenodytes forsteri  Emperor penguin  bird  penguin  people  ship  tourism 

ref.54 map

Summer team at Concordia station, Antarctica

engineer  cloud  technician  sunny  station  research  logistics  science  base  building  snow  summer  researcher  Concordia station  Dome C  Antarctica  team 

ref.34 map

Researcher during the polar night, Antarctica

Dome C  Antarctica  lamp  polar night  night  winter  overwinterer  winterer  darkness  cold  science  researcher  atmospheric science  shelter  glaciology  research  icy  building  snow  person 


Close up of a Gentoo penguin, Cuverville island

Animal  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Cuverville island  Gentoo penguin  Pygoscelis papua  bird  close up  penguin 


Black-browed albatross in the Drake passage

Animal  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Diomedea exulans  Drake passage  Wandering albatros  bird  sea 


A tourist ship cruising around the Antarctic peninsula

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  blue sky  cruising  ice  ice floe  mountain  sea ice  shadow  ship  tourism 


Adelie penguin standing on an iceberg in the Antarctic Sound

Adelie penguin  Animal  Antarctic Sound  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Pygoscelis adeliae  bird  growler  ice  iceberg  penguin  soft light  standing 


Neptune's window at Deception island

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Deception island  Neptune's window  South Shetland islands  Whalers bay 


View on the Orne islands and Brabant island from Georges point

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Brabant island  Georges point  Orne islands  Ronge island  panorama 


Lemaire channel covered with ice floes at sunset

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Lemaire channel  ice  ice floe  sea ice  sunset 


Snowshoers hiking uphill behind Almirante Brown station

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Paradise harbor  mountain  people  snow field  snowshoe  tourism 


Male leopard seal on a growler

Animal  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Damoy point  Dorian bay  Hydrurga leptonyx  Leopard seal  ice  iceberg  seal 


Southern giant petrel in the Drake passage

Animal  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Drake passage  Macronectes giganteus  Southern giant petrel  bird  giant petrel  gliding  horizon 


Ice front of the glacier at Neko harbor

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Neko harbor  crevasse  glacier  ice  ice front 


Chinstrap penguins' tracks on the snow

Animal  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Chinstrap penguin  Hydrurga rocks  Pygoscelis antarcticus  bird  penguin  snow field  track 


Orca at Orne harbor

Animal  Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Killer whale  Orcinus orca  Orne harbor  orca  whale 


Panoramic view of the Astrolabe islands

Antarctic peninsula  Antarctica  Astrolabe island  blue sky  sun  wide angle 

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